Could drinking water in the morning be bad for you?

Many people think that drinking water first thing in the morning cleanses the digestive tract and is good for the body. Drinking water in the morning may damage the body if done under the incorrect circumstances.

Most Westerners drink cold or room temperature water.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the body accumulates yang energy in the morning. Normal body temperature is about 98.6F. When we drink cold or room temperature water, the body needs to invest energy to bring the water up to body temperature. Cold water takes away body heat, the yang, and impedes the accumulation of yang. If you drink cold water every day, the body will develop the symptoms of a yang deficiency, such as catching colds easily and frequently, allergic rhinitis, digestive problems, and even hair loss. These symptoms typically manifest after drinking cold water every day for a year or longer.

We should never drink cold water in the morning.

There are, however, many benefits to drinking warm water in the morning. Warm water,

  • Helps with body circulation and prevents cardiovascular diseases.
  • Is good for the teeth and oral health. Cold water may lead to gum bleeding and spasms and poor dental health, while warm water helps to remove bacteria and food debris between teeth.
  • Helps cleanse the digestive tract and eases constipation.
  • Helps to lose weight. The warm water cleanses the body and helps it lose weight from the extra waste accumulated in the body.
  • Prevents colds. Warm water absorbs the cold that gets into the body and regulates body temperature. Bacteria and viruses do not have their ideal growing environment and can be quickly excreted from the body before causing illness.

Drinking water can benefit or damage the body. The key difference is the temperature of the water. We should drink warm water and fluids.

This article was written by Julia H. Sun, an independent health consultant in the greater Boston area, Massachusetts. Feel free to comment and share this article.

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