The Three Kinds of Body Waste that Can Make You Very Ill.

The human body generates waste from its normal routine functions, such as breathing in air and digesting food.

Just as most matter in nature exists in three states, body waste can be classified into three different types: solid, liquid, and gas. For example, gallstones and stools are solid waste, mucus and urine are liquid waste, and air from exhaling and a bloated stomach are gaseous waste.

The lungs, liver, kidneys, and other organs naturally detoxify the body. But if any waste remains inside the body, discomfort and illness may occur. Solid and liquid waste are easier to detect with modern medical equipment, but the gaseous waste trapped inside the body is not.

When there is an abnormal amount of gaseous waste inside the body, the body may feel bloated or have no direct symptoms. Similar to solid and liquid waste, gaseous waste blocks body circulation and causes many kinds of illnesses.

Our bodies are upright most of the time after we humans started walking on two feet. Because gas is light and less dense, excess gaseous waste tends to flow up to the upper body. If the gas is trapped in your chest, this may cause a breast tumor in the long-term. As more gas accumulates in the shoulders, there is less circulation to the shoulders and may result in a frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis of shoulder). If the gas passes our neck and suddenly reaches the head, a stroke may occur.

To prevent illnesses caused by excess gaseous waste, do not let gas accumulate in the body.

The major cause of gas accumulation is emotional stress. When an emotion disturbs normal bodily functions, the body is unable to excrete gas through breathing and flatulating, causing the gas to accumulate within the body. Maintaining emotional stability is the most important factor in the prevention of gas-related illnesses.

Many people have harmful emotional stress in their life, causing gaseous waste to be trapped in their body. Some Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioners, including Tuina massage therapists, are able to assist you in the excretion of gaseous waste.

This article was written by Julia H. Sun, an independent health consultant in the greater Boston area, Massachusetts. She helped herself and many others with their health problems caused by accumulated body waste. Feel free to comment and share this article.


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