Many Illnesses Actually Protect the Body

Many types of cancers and chronic illnesses, such as liver cancer, lung cancer, tumors, diabetes, and strokes, are collectively classified as manifestations of genetic abnormalities by Western medicine.

Actually, an illness is the inevitable result of abusing or misusing the body. An illness is one of the body’s indicators that a problem exists and implies something in our routine must be changed in order to prevent deteriorating of the illness and to begin the healing process.

Many diseases are caused by high stress and pressures. When we are stressed, the adrenal gland secretes more adrenaline. Adrenaline mobilizes and activates the body’s organs. With more adrenaline, the gastrointestinal system accelerates the digestion and absorption of food, the heart accelerates its pumping action, the liver intensifies its detoxification, and so on. These reactions are naturally generated by the body and have evolved over time to ensure the escape and the survival in dangerous situations. However, when under chronic pressure, the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, and many other body organs become overworked and strained. This causes them to malfunction. For example, a stomach ulcer is the result of excess stress on the stomach. A stomach ulcer causes less gastric acid to be produced, resulting in indigestion and flatulence. This causes intestinal problems resulting in enteritis, as well as liver inflammation within the liver, which may lead to countless other issues within the organs and body.

The external symptoms that our bodies display from these illnesses are a result of evolution and survival, to warn us that illnesses exist within our body. Ignore these signals can be dangerous, but to take medication to suppress these signs and symptoms can be more life-threatening, which could lead to further illness and more severe side effects, including death.

The key to recovery from serious illness and maintain health is the right diet, exercise, and daily habits that meet each person’s unique needs.

This article was written by Julia H. Sun, an independent health consultant in the greater Boston area, Massachusetts. She designs a complete system to help people with their health problems and maintain their health. Feel free to comment and share this article.

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