The People Eating Out Every Day Vs. the Homeless

Are you still eating out at fast food or other restaurants every day or even every meal?

Too many articles to read now regarding poisonous chemicals or other non-food items served at these popular restaurants:

Taco Bell’s beef tacos have so little meat.

Subway Chicken — 50 Percent Chicken, 50 Percent Filler.

McDonald’s sued over allegations of fake cheese and What Happens to Your Body When You Eat a McDonald’s Hamburger?

 Wendy’s Admits to Using Horse and Rat Meat in Their Rich and Meaty Chili!

Restaurant foods typically have more additives for better taste, but they still do not taste as good as the home-made real foods that your mother or grandmother cooked.

What are the dietary differences between the people eating out often and the homeless? Not much to me:

  • They both do not eat at home, even though one group of people have a house. Having a house does not mean having a home.
  • they both eat the foods many other people do not want to eat or want to throw away most of the time.

The non-food items accumulate in your body, blocking circulation and causing term-long illnesses.

You may need to spend a little more time to cook, but it well worth the effort for your long term health.

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