Total Life Energy Plan for the first time reveals its unprecedented and highly effective health and wellness program to the public

Framingham, MA – Total Life Energy Plan, provider of a personal health and wellness program, announced today that their first eBook, The Total Life Energy Plan, written by Julia H. Sun, is now available on

Total Life Energy Plan was created and developed over the past 7 years. It is a personal wellness program like no other. “When this exciting and groundbreaking plan goes public, I believe it will completely take public health to an entirely new level in human history,” said Julia H. Sun, the owner and creator of the plan, “Life energy is the key to health. It prevents and cures diseases. Longevity is consistent care of life energy.” Total Life Energy Plan is designed to manage our precious but limited life energy. The plan enables us to obtain maximum energy from our surroundings and to make the best use of our life energy in daily activities.


In addition to online courses, group training, and individual consultations, Total Life Energy Plan has made its books accessible to a larger population. This book will publicize Total Life Energy Plan’s health and wellness program and challenge what many Westerners thought they knew about food, diet, and exercise.

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About Julia H. Sun

Julia is a health consultant and leading expert on a revolutionary system of cultivation and healing with life energy that includes the management of diet, exercise, and way of life. She is the founder of The Total Life Energy Plan.

Julia grew up in China and has lived in the United States for over two decades. She has intimate experience of both Eastern and Western systems of medicine and healthcare.

Julia has passionately and thoroughly researched life energy, health, longevity, and the use of natural and holistic self-care for many years. Her research has enabled her to radically improve her own health and heal her health problems, some were severe.

Julia is now sharing the fruits of her research on food, exercise, life energy, and lifestyle for the improvement of the health of as many people as possible. She provides health consultation and training. She also gives presentations on food and diet, exercises, lifestyles, weight management, energy healing, self-healing, and health maintenance.

Julia has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine. With not only diverse training and experience in the field of energy healing, she also has experience in academia, healthcare, research, and business management.

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