In Remote Contact with a Person Who Is Passing Away

Did you ever remotely connect with a person in their last moments of life?

Like the majority of people, I never did, until yesterday. 

I received a phone call from my friend Caroline after we hadn’t talked to each other for almost a year. She called me right before Thanksgiving to say hello and happy holidays. From the phone conversation, I learned that she had been too busy to take care of her sister, Sarah, who had been battling with lung cancer for almost three years.

“You should have told me earlier, so I could help her.”

Two weeks later, I had a chance to meet Sarah at her house for the first time.

Sarah didn’t look well at all. She was so weak that she couldn’t sit up for very long and couldn’t even use a regular bathroom. I asked about her situation and did energy healing for her.

After the first meet and while we were planning for daily distance healing at a convenient time, I got a call from Caroline that her sister was in the emergency room because she wasn’t able to breathe. Once I heard this, I did healing right away and then was on my way to the hospital.

Sarah didn’t look well, even with life support. But she was very happy to see me and told me she felt warmness transferred to her body and the warmness lasted for a while after the healing session at her house. She could also go to the bathroom without the special sit that she got from the doctor’s office.

I did healing for her twice a day afterwards, either in person or in distance. But a few days later, in the morning, Sarah didn’t accept very much energy from me in distance. I texted Caroline and asked if her sister was okay. She told me her sister only had a few hours left…

I told her I was going to do a last healing for her. I rushed to finish my work. About an hour later, I began sending energy to her.

I comforted her in my communications with her. I wanted her to go peacefully. I took her pain from her body. Suddenly my whole chest was so bloated and hurt so much that I could hardly breathe. It was unbearable, and I tried to comfort myself. At that same moment when I lost Sarah, my chest pain went away.

I was sad and wished I hadn’t had to take my attention away from Sarah.

I was also happy that she trusted me enough to spend her last moments with me…

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