How Can Fasting Harm or Even Kill You?

Sara passed away for about two months. I still feel so uneasy about the situation.

Zhuang, Shuqi, A Chinese doctor, who practiced both Eastern and Western medicines, became famous after she helped Empress Michiko and many others in the Japanese Imperial Palace to return to good health. Mr. Baigen (白根) was one of them.

Mr. Baigen’s stomach cancer got cured with Dr. Zhuang’s help. Here is the story about Mr. Baigen (translated from Dr. Zhuang’s book):

One day, the 96-year-old Baigen came to see me with a gift he knew I loved.

“Dr. Zhuang, I’m going to the hospital tomorrow for a regular physical exam.” I was told after we chat a little.

I’m shocked. His stomach cancer is cured and he is in perfect health now. Why does he want the physical exam?

“If you go, they are going to check on your stomach and have a blood test, that means you can’t have breakfast and lunch.”  Worried me.

“No worry. I have no problem without eating just in the morning and around noon.”

The next morning, I got a call from Mr. Baigen in the hospital: “I’m so starved and really want beef ribs. Would you please get some to me asap?!”

I can never believe that are the last words I hear from Mr. Baigen.

I call his son right after hanging up the phone with Mr. Baigen. I ask his son to get ribs right away and to tell his dad that the test could be delayed to another time.

“Ooh, no problem to just skip one more meal. Just let him wait for the test!”

Later, I realize why Mr. Baigen called me instead of his son. His son never took what he said seriously.

When the news comes to me that Mr. Baigen died in the hospital, I feel such regret that I didn’t bring food to him. This is my biggest mistake!

Mr. Baigen waited for a blood test before he could eat. When the nurse came for the blood test at 2:45 pm, she found that Mr. Baigen already passed away.

From Mr. Baigen’s story, to my mother’s passing away days in the hospital without food years ago, and then to Sara’s death now.

There are many factors may affect people’s death: their health condition and beliefs, how much care they get from their family, medical treatments, etc.  Fasting before blood tests is one of them.

The body needs to be constantly charged with energy to stay alive. you may not feel much than just starved and may not think it is a big deal to skip meals. But the body doesn’t get the energy it needs for functioning properly and continuously. When we are young and have enough energy, our body uses its energy reserves and is capable to adjust itself to stop or slow down the non-essential functions. But for a sick and weak elderly, it could be life or death. Also, it is not only the fasting before blood tests, but any fasting that is not done right can harm the body.

The Total Life Energy Plan covers the detail on the right ways of fasting, as well as how to avoid the situations, habits, and lifestyles that waste our precious but limited life energy.

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