Do You Consider Food Energy Effects on Your Body When You Select Food?

My foodie group of friends regularly hosts parties, dinners, and gatherings revolving around good food and great company. We met each other when our kids were little and played together. Now most of us are empty nesters but still enjoy getting together often. For each party we have a different culinary theme, such as Italian, French, Mexican, Greek, and Chinese food. This month, it was Moroccan food and we did it differently than before. Instead of selecting our own favorite dish to cook and share, we drew for Moroccan recipes and cooked whatever each of us drew. I drew a recipe for a spicy rabbit dish.

I have neither cooked nor eaten rabbit before, although I heard that in some regions, especially Europe, rabbit is a common meat to consume. The stores that typically sell rabbit meat are far away from where I live. But luckily enough, the party is right before Easter Sunday and I could get rabbit meat from a store close to home. The store only sells rabbit meat during Easter holiday because some people just cook rabbits for the holiday. Rabbit tastes like a veal. It is a white meat that is more flavorful, leaner, and tender than chicken.

The rabbit dish made me think about the properties of rabbit meat and their effects on our body.

Rabbit meat is sweet and cold. It mainly acts on our Liver to help the Liver cleanse blood and detox the body. It cools an overheated body from a yin deficiency. It clears stomach heat and helps with nausea, vomiting, and thirst. It detoxes the poisons created from overheating. Combined with different herbs, rabbit can be used for curing diabetes, tracheitis, and cervical cancer. But rabbit shouldn’t be cooked and eaten with ginger because it may harm the Heart. Rabbit blood can be consumed for easing difficulties in labor. Rabbit liver is especially effective on our overworked, overheated, and weakened Liver, which is mainly caused by too much waste in the body. The rabbit liver will assist our Liver in cleansing the body.

Eating “cold” rabbit too much or too often cools the body so much that the yang (the body’s active energy) gets damaged which results in a lack of energy and low spirit.

If you plan on eating rabbit meat, make sure it’s compatible with your body’s health and energy conditions. If you often feel cold, rabbit is definitely not a good food for you. The Total Life Energy Plan is able to help you find many of your body’s unique conditions, and the foods and exercises that fit your specific conditions.

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