Why Organ Transplant Is Much Worse Than You Think — The Bad, the Worse, and the Ugly

Some people don’t know how to take care of their body. Their organs may malfunction or even completely stop functioning. Western doctors may recommend organ transplants. How can organ transplants affect the sick people, organ donors, and the society? The results are much worse than you think.

The Bad: When the circulation to an organ is blocked, the organ doesn’t receive enough fuel (life energy) to function properly. The organ itself may be perfectly fine, but it lacks the support to function as intended. Even though the body gets a new organ from an organ transplant, the new organ will malfunction again without good circulation and the right kinds of energy.

The Worse: The surgical operation for an organ transplant creates more blockages that further restrict the circulation to the organ and prevent it from getting the energy it vitally needs. A transplant may solve an immediate problem or even save a person’s life, but it doesn’t solve the root cause of the organ’s problem. In addition, the organ donor will require an operation performed on his/her body with associated health complication, which may show up with a similar illness to that of the organ acceptor with time.

The Ugly: Because more and more people have health problems in America and have been recommended by their doctors for organ transplants, the needs for organs are skyrocketing now. Over one hundred thousands U.S. citizens are waiting for an organ transplant and every ten minutes, someone is added to the waiting list.* On average, 20 people die each day while waiting for a transplant.* As more and more demand and money are involved, the crimes of taking organs away from innocent people are spreading over the world, especially in poor countries or regions. There was a demonstration at Chinatown in downtown Boston over 10 years ago for the fighting against organ crimes in China. But the crimes are now getting worse. Over half of organ transplants are kidney transplants.* The criminals typically take one kidney from a victim’s body and the victim could still survive. But there are greedy ones take both kidneys from each victim, which takes the victim’s life at the same time. A young college lady in China received a drink from a handsome man. The next thing we know is that she was lying in ice and lost both of her kidneys and died. A heart can be sold for up to one million dollars. From just one crime, they could make enough money for food and shelter for the rest of their lives. Crime, killing, human organ smuggling and trafficking become a big concern worldwide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFf8SZO3e_M

For a better world and the best of all, learn how to take good care of your body the right way right now to maintain your health or cure your organ problems, as well as preventing organ transplants. There are tools, especially the tools provided by The Total Life Energy Plan, help you optimize your life energy, maintain your health, and prevent diseases.

* The statistics data are from United Network for Organ Sharing: https://unos.org/data/



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