Can You Cure Your Illness Even When Doctors Simply Can’t ?

I often hear people say:

“If doctors cannot even cure the disease, I cannot do anything about it.”
“If I could do it myself, what are the doctors for?!”
“The World Health Organization believes the disease is incurable. We can do nothing but seeking emotional support to live with the disease.”

Contemplate about the waste that we accumulated in a house on a regular basis. The household trash is the breeding ground for germs and attracts flies, rodents, and ants. You could hire a professional exterminator to get rid of all those pests. But if you don’t tend to the trash, it will always be an on-going problem. You could think of curing disease as exterminating the pests:

  • Your body waste is equivalent to the household trash.
  • Your diseases are equivalent to the germs and pests.
  • Doctors are equivalent to the pest professionals.

Doctors exam your body, prescribe medication, and possibly perform surgery on your body. They also tell you that your disease has the potential to come back. That means the disease is only temporarily treated. It will potentially come back if the waste in your body is not cleaned up. Only after you have cleaned the waste and leave no environment for the disease to survive, you can prevent the disease from regenerating.

The doctors can treat disease, but doctors have no control over what you put into your body (physical and emotional toxins) every day.

Therefore, doctors fight for germs and pests and we clean up garbage. When the germs are gone and the garbage is cleaned, the disease is cured.

Furthermore, if doctors already told you that there is no cure for your disease, do you still have faith in your doctors? Or should you believe in yourself?! If you believe in yourself and change the environment the disease that resides in you, the disease will then die off. Therefore, if you create an environment that unsuitable for pests, then you need no professionals to deal with infestation.

Many People do not die from sickness but die from ignorance.”* To avoid dying of ignorance, learn how to increase life energy to live with no disease.  Life energy is the energy keeps our body alive and thrive. It is the force for the body to function well, including effectively remove body waste. Use life energy to remove body waste, prevent or cure disease, avoid dying young, and live to an expected lifespan.

* Hiroshi Nakajima (1928 – 2013), Director-General of the World Health Organization (1988-1998).

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