How Men Crack and Shorten Their Life?

You have overeaten, overworked, stressed out, oversexed, or plugged the body with stimulants: caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, drugs…

You know them. Strong men, vigorous men, robust men – men who never had a sick day in their lives. They drive. They drive themselves to the limit. They lash themselves over the limit with food, work, sex, and stimulants. They crack. Often, they crash. And they know that they are more likely to leave the world much earlier than their peers.

You have seen them. Pitiful shells. The zest is gone, the fire is gone. Burnt-out furnaces of energy.

“He was such a strong and healthy-looking man!!!”

He was. His health was his undoing. His body absorbed punishment.

Every action has consequences. For every ounce of energy overused, an ounce of reserve strength is drained… Repeated overdraws exhaust the body and its reserve, bankrupt the body, crash, then die prematurely…

It’s time to get back to normal. To close the drafts, to bank some of the fires…

Stop the overuse and borrowing. Borrowed energy must be repaid. Recharge the body with the energy it desperately needed with the Total Life Energy Plan. And get back to the strong, vigorous, and robust man.


This article was written by Julia H. Sun, an independent health consultant in the greater Boston area, Massachusetts. She designs a complete system to help people with their health problems and maintain their vibrant health. Feel free to comment and share this article.

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