Why Modern “Healthy” Diets will Come to the End

Weight management is more important than ever. Three-quarters of all Americans have weight problems. Much of this epidemic is due to popular diets in the US that guarantee weight loss and permanent solutions. These diets simply do not work but make the problem worse.

Right now, being overweight is the single largest health problem in the US. And we are the most obese nation on earth. At the same time, we have such a large number of diet programs: vegetarian diet, vegan diet, fruit diet; high protein, high fiber diet, low-carb, low calorie, low fat diet, gluten-free diet; raw food diet, cooked diet; doctors’ diet, caveman’s diet; fast diet, slow diet; south diet, north die, and the list goes on and on.

These weight loss programs are everywhere and we have all tried many of them, but our weight keeps returning. Those diet programs push and pull us to every which way and none of them provide permanent or even temporary solutions.

We spend over $60 billion annually to try to lose pounds. Is the money making us slimmer and healthier? The answer is no.

  • Those diet programs aggravate weight problems. Cutting calorie intake and exercising more to burn extra calories may help us lose weight in the short term but have the opposite effect in the long run.
  • These programs can cause long-term health problems. That’s one of the reasons why more and more of us have chronic illnesses in addition to weight problems. These programs often have a yo-yo effect of going from being overweight to being underweight and damage an already weakened body!

These weight loss programs do not help us and may cause us to gain more weight with health problems in the future.

The Total Life Energy Plan will teach you why these new age diets are ineffective and how to naturally lose weight and maintain long-term health without having to spend money on trendy diets that always end unsuccessfully. You can also learn more on the topic at our workshop on Nov 11, 2018, at the Natural Living Expo in Marlborough, MA.

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