What Do You Eat During the Coldest Time of the Year?

There are many traditional Chinese holidays related to what foods you should eat at various times of the year. Laba(Làbā, 腊八) is one of them. Laba is the eighth day of the twelfth month in the lunar calendar, which usually falls in the middle of January in the Western solar calendar (January 24 this year). This is the coldest time of the year. The Chinese have rice soup mixed with many nuts and seeds for this holiday. There are many different recipes for this soup from different regions. Many use regular or glutinous rice, millet, red beans, dried jujubes, chestnuts, peanuts, walnuts, and lotus seeds. Cook ingredients long enough to blend thoroughly with rice or other grains. This ensures that the healing properties of the ingredients are completely released into the liquid. For food properties, check out here: http://totallifeenergyplan.com/resources/public/.

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The Total Life Energy Plan Gets The Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Award

Review from the Readers’ Favorite:

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An insightful and informative guide for all readers who are looking to create and maintain their body’s energy for long-term health.”

“Help readers to increase and maintain vitality, overcome chronic illnesses such as fatigue, high blood pressure, or diabetes, control weight gain, and improve sexual vitality.”

“Aid us in understanding how the world around us works, so that we can understand our bodies and live well in and with nature and among others.”

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Total Life Energy Plan for the first time reveals its unprecedented and highly effective health and wellness program to the public

Framingham, MA – Total Life Energy Plan, provider of a personal health and wellness program, announced today that their first eBook, The Total Life Energy Plan, written by Julia H. Sun, is now available on Amazon.com.

Total Life Energy Plan was created and developed over the past 7 years. It is a personal wellness program like no other. “When this exciting and groundbreaking plan goes public, I believe it will completely take public health to an entirely new level in human history,” said Julia H. Sun, the owner and creator of the plan, “Life energy is the key to health. It prevents and cures diseases. Longevity is consistent care of life energy.” Total Life Energy Plan is designed to manage our precious but limited life energy. The plan enables us to obtain maximum energy from our surroundings and to make the best use of our life energy in daily activities. Continue reading “Total Life Energy Plan for the first time reveals its unprecedented and highly effective health and wellness program to the public”

7 Ways to Care for Your Kidneys

  1. Eat foods that nourish the Kidneys. for almost everybody, both men and women, Chinese yams are the best food for the Kidneys. They nourish the Kidneys, as well as help with lower back pain. Another food good for the Kidneys is chestnut. If you have Kidney problems, do not have raw, cold, very spicy, oily foods or drinks, such as cucumbers, watermelons, persimmons, ice water, spicy chili, and deep-fried foods. Continue reading “7 Ways to Care for Your Kidneys”

The People Eating Out Every Day Vs. the Homeless

Are you still eating out at fast food or other restaurants every day or even every meal?

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Five Seasons a Year for Better Health

The ancient Romans were among the first to carve up the year into quarters (four seasons), which has been widely adopted by Western countries*. But not every culture in the world divides a year into four seasons like that in modern Western countries. Different cultures have different ways of separating a year into seasons. A year may be divided into five seasons or more. Continue reading “Five Seasons a Year for Better Health”

10 Ways to Care for Your Menopause

Menopause is the time in women’s lives when menstrual periods stop permanently and they are no longer able to bear children. Menopause occurs 12 months after the last menstrual period and typically between 49 and 52 years of age. Menopause occurring before 45 years old usually indicates there is a health issue(s), diagnosable or un-diagnosable by Western medicine. Normal periods may reoccur after health problems are cured before the age of 48. Continue reading “10 Ways to Care for Your Menopause”

10 Mistakes Keeping You from Living a Long, Healthy Life

  1. Waiting until your golden years to start taking care of yourself.

Many people let themselves become overwhelmed by daily activities and never learn how to properly take care of their body. Taking good care of the body should begin when we are infants, or better yet before our mothers even get pregnant. When a couple is well prepared and their bodies are well nourished before and during pregnancy, their newborn infant will be healthy and strong. The earlier we start taking care of our bodies, the less our bodies become ill, the less life energy our bodies waste fighting illnesses, and the longer our bodies live. Continue reading “10 Mistakes Keeping You from Living a Long, Healthy Life”

10 Habits that Damage the Heart

The heart is an organ that pumps blood for the movement of blood throughout the body via the circulatory system, supplying oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and removing carbon dioxide and other wastes.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the heart system also includes the brain and the heart meridian besides the organ heart.

The heart is so important to the body that we die when the heart fails to pump blood. Taking special care of the heart is vitally important to our life. But many people are unknowingly damaging their hearts, making the heart disease the number one killer of our precious life. Continue reading “10 Habits that Damage the Heart”