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Why Are Julia Sun’s Health Books?

Unlike other health and diet programs, the Total Life Energy Plan introduced in Julia’s books is based on the concept of “universal energy” first understood and applied to the human body in China over 5,000 years ago. As it has evolved and been refined over the years, it has become increasingly apparent that vital life energy is the key to vibrant health, optimal weight, and longevity.

The Plan guides people to develop their own unique path to diet and exercise in a way that preserves and optimizes their vital energy. It teaches the importance of thinking and planning for long-term health, considers each individual’s unique body needs in their specific living conditions, integrates emotional and spiritual well-being, and offers solutions to obesity, fatigue, and other chronic health problems.

She had suffered through many of these conditions and other health problems herself. After her arrival in America, she thought she was doing “everything” right. She followed the best nutritional advice available and exercised regularly. She still got very sick and not in just a couple of ways, either.

Searching for solutions for her deteriorating health, she turned to 5,000-year-old Traditional Chinese Medicine with its fundamental reliance on “universal energy.” Using her professional, educational, and analytical skills, she started working her way through what she had gathered. She found solutions to her health problems and, with time, returned herself to the vibrant health that had eluded her for 20 years.

Up to 100 million Americans attempt to control their weight, and fully one-third of Americans seek to diminish the symptoms of fatigue and low energy. However, they go about it in the wrong way, just as she did. She wants to share her knowledge and experience to help people control their weight, maintain their health, and heal their illnesses, all while achieving a long and vital life.

About  JuliaMy Health and Life Experiences in China and in the USA, Beating Lyme Disease, and Fighting Breast Cancer has the details about her background and experiences in health, education, academic and business research, as well as sales, marketing, and business management. Feel free to contact Julia or check out Julia’s page on about her and her books.

How we Americans eat and exercise is making us sicker, not healthier !!!

Julia’s thorough research and analysis unveils fundamental answers to many important questions, such as:

  • Why is eating by the Western standard of nutrition bad?
  • Why is calorie a faulty concept?
  • Why is the America the fattest nation in the world?
  • Why are so many people chronically ill in the last 60 years and why is it getting worse?
  • Why are more and more young Americans having health problems in their 20s, or even from birth?
  • Why do people crave sweets, alcohol,  cigarettes, oily foods, etc? How can you stop cravings naturally and unforcefully?

You can find the fundamental reasons in her books and plan your own unique diet, exercise, and daily activities to maximize your life energy, to prevent or heal disease, and to have a long and happy life.

“A Must Have for All Household.”

Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Review

You are in charge of your own health. No more chasing after the latest diet fads, whether driven by scientific research or marketing.

Without any commercial products or backing, her plan is a must for lifelong vitality, weight control, and health.

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