Beating Lyme Disease

How did Julia cure her Lyme disease?

Summer of 2014 was not easy for me:

  1. When I had gone hiking, a tiny tick crawled up my leg. From the tick bite, I had contracted Lyme disease. I did not know until a month later.
  2. Immediately after hiking in the sun with the temperature in the 90s and drenched in sweat, I caught cold from a very cold and overly air-conditioned basement in the 50s.
  3. The following week, I also got juniper poison from cutting the bushes in my yard.

My body fought hard for me against these three things. I had a high fever for a few days, followed by a low fever that lasted almost two months. 

My body accumulated too much heat from both the fever and the hot summer. My body even revealed its overheated condition through my dreams. Three nights in a row, I dreamed that my house was on fire. I struggled with the fire and could not put off the fire. In two of these dreams, I called 911.

On the day after the dreams, I suddenly had a strong burning sensation filling my chest. It was like a fire in my chest that was going to burn me up. It was accumulated heat in my heart and upper body. Right away, I used my mind, breathing, and qigong to move the fire from my chest down to my abdomen. I could feel the fire rolling down my trunk. Not only I saved myself from Heart complications, I had used the heat to warm up my lower body, the body’s energy center.

I was extremely busy with my book, summer activities, and my younger son’s birthday, so I did not pay any attention to my new health problems. The day after my son’s birthday, about a month after the tick bite, I went to see a Western doctor.

I took antibiotics for four weeks as prescribed. The antibiotics were both a short-term friend and a long-term enemy. They not only killed the Lyme bacteria but also damaged my body and its immune system. My body was not used to the Western medicine. It felt like my whole body had been destroyed. If I did not do anything, I would probably have long-term health problems, just as many Lyme disease patients do.

When I was finishing the antibiotics and the fever was still with me, I went to see a Chinese doctor. She used herbs and acupuncture to build up my body energy to chase away the cold that penetrated from the body surface, in order to disseminate the heat that accumulated inside my body and to improve circulation. The herbs and acupuncture also worked together to minimize my restless symptoms.

I also changed my diet and exercise because of the illness. During that time, I did not have any foods such as seafood and many kinds of meat and spices that make fever and heat symptoms worse. I meditated in the hot summer to calm down my body and to prevent more heat building up in my body.

Unexpected things happen in life, viruses and bacteria, sudden weather changes, food poisoning, and a family crisis all profoundly affect our body, as well as on our emotional, spiritual, and social lives. We need to keep strong and energetic in order to be able to handle sudden changes and to fight off the diseases they leave us vulnerable to.

Medicine can support the body in an emergency. Surgery may be necessary for certain circumstances. Regular physical checkups can prevent diseases with unnoticed or ignored symptoms. When illness strikes, doctors and medicines are needed. However, doctors and medicines cannot keep us healthy. In the end, only the body can heal itself and return to health.

Support the body with the right diet, appropriate exercises, and healthy mental states to maintain good health. My books will enable you to create your own individualized diet, exercises, and daily activities based on your body’s health conditions and living environment.