Fighting Breast Cancer

Two qigong masters detected a tumor in my left breast. One said I had blockages in the chest, while the other bluntly told me  that I must have breast cancer and should see a doctor right away.

My annual tests for breath cancer had all been normal. But I knew the tests for breast cancer are not 100 percent reliable. Many women who have breast cancer are undiagnosed or diagnosed at a late stage by doctors through the tests.

At the time, I:

  • Had worked for a big hospital group and heard many stories about breast cancer and their diagnosis and treatments. Huge amount of money was set aside for medical lawsuits.
  • Saw doctors for many of my other illnesses. None of them cured but operations left permanent marks on my body and caused many more problems years later. I didn’t want any more of the incurable treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation that had stopped my body from fighting illness and caused long-term damages.
  • Learned a lot about self-care and cured many of my illnesses including cervical tumor. I was confident enough that I could take care of this problem on my own.

I did not have any abnormal breast symptoms until I started qigong exercise.

A few weeks after starting the exercise, one day while I was practicing qigong, my left breast started shaking. After it shook for a few minutes, I started having an extremely and unbearably uncomfortable, painful, and heavy sensation in the chest. My body kept shaking until the heavy sensation passed. I kept practicing, and the pain and heavy sensation came back and went by a few times but was not as strong in intensity as the first time.

Afterward, I kept doing qigong for at least an hour every morning around dawn. At the meantime, I kept practicing The Total Life Energy Plan.

In the following week of practice, the pain and heavy sensation came back twice and was less heavy and painful each time. Then it never returned. Qigong helps the body with energy flow and blood circulation to erase blockages and so to cure illnesses.

When I checked with the qigong master again, I’m glad that he didn’t say I had breast cancer.

I hope my story guides many of the women who are suffering from breast cancer to the right way of taking care of their health problems, saves their lives, and enables them to live a healthy and long life. I’m here to help!

To learn the details of the exercise I practiced and the program I followed, check out the books on The Total Life Energy Plan.